Tuesday, December 4, 2007


By Jo Ann Brown – Author - “Getting Started On Your 401(k) Plan”

For those walking past with a look of astonishment and wanting to ask What Happened? Look no longer, for I will tell you that I have suffered from a disease that robbed me of any chance of prosperity. I’ve used it as a crutch all of my life until I had no dreams or aspirations. I’m an expert of putting off until tomorrow. I am the world’s Best Procrastinator.
Years ago, about 35 as a matter of fact, I thought retirement was a long ways away. I was young, viral, and living for the week-end. After working 15 years, the company dissolved its pension plan and gave me something called a 401(k) plan.
I put off reading about the 401(k) plan because I didn’t think it was important and none of my peers seemed concerned. I escaped the first big lay-off but no one escaped the company closing for good.
I’ve worked, but the jobs don’t pay any benefits. Well, I was working until I got hurt. You know, one of life’s uncertainties that happen to other people? It’s been a while since I’ve had steady pay and now I find myself homeless.
Today is the day of sweetness. You’ve been telling yourself long enough to get started on your 401(k) plan. Just Do It!
First thing tomorrow morning, get your company’s membership number from the Human Resource Department. Second, get the plan administrator’s email address and phone number. Using your computer or the telephone, get registered. It’s fast, simple, and easy.

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